Decorating for Easter

Easter Brunch TableIs it just me, or after this long cold winter is everybody ready to bring a little more color in the world. I can’t wait for spring to get here and bring with it green leaves budding and flowers sprouting. It’s getting to be time to start planning Easter brunch and all the decorations that come along with it. Easter decor are all about the flowers, the greens, the pastels, all those colors we missed when the world was covered in white.  

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Dessert in a Jar: Pineapple Surprise

Pineaaple Delight | Recipe by Be What We Love

Pineapple is a huge trend these days, they are literally everywhere from clothing, stationery, party themes etc.  and I’ve been always very obsessed with them, as you may notice from old posts  in this blog.

I had to bring a dessert to a picnic party with friends.  Mini desserts are always my favorite choice to bring to a small to medium size gathering because of how easy they are for people to just grab and eat.  I always love to add cute fabrics as I did to transform it into a delightful food gift for a friend, teacher or co-worker.

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Elderflower Honey Whiskey


Elderflower Honey Whiskey | Be What We LoveWe’re donning sweaters and giving up our shorts, yes summer is officially over, but I’m still trying to hang on to it just a little bit.  I always loved the look of the St. Germain bottles, and had some great cocktails that used it, but it was never a staple of my home drinks.  My husband bought me a bottle as a gift and we challenged ourselves to see what cocktail creations we could dream up.  St. Germain is an elderflower liquor blended with cane sugar, and a little citrus, so it has a light flowery and slightly fruity flavor. We thought it would go nicely with a special cocktail to remind us of summer sweet tea and pair it with a honey whiskey to warm us up for the coming chill.   


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