ReStore: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian non-profit organization that builds homes around the world for those who can’t afford them.  They take donations of time, money, materials, and manpower to build homes.  When they have extra materials from construction or donations they sell them at ReStore locations across the country.  Last time we visited our local ReStore we found some amazing deals, like a $3000 stainless steel fridge for less than half price, a new stackable LG washer/dryer, tiles and a marble double sink top.  There’s also plenty of material for creative repurposing.  You can pick up an old bronze chandelier and add a coat of paint to make a “new” modern light fixture for under $30.  They’ll also haul away your old building materials or furniture for free.

Click here to find a ReStore near you.

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