Housewarming Gift Idea

Some friends of ours just moved into a new apartment and I thought a housewarming gift with a few must-haves for a new home would be perfect for them. When I think of moving to a brand new home I think of the pictures that need hanging, the furniture that needs to be put together (oh IKEA!), that one plug that is just too far away to reach the stereo, and the one time we brought a huge armoire up 8 flights of stairs only to find that it wouldn’t fit through the front door (if only we’d measured!). So to save my dear friends that hassle, and help them make I house a home I stopped by our local hardware store and picked up the real housewarming essentials, and a cute dishtowel that would remind them of their favorite city in the world.

What’s inside the jar?

  1. measuring tape
  2. mini hammer
  3. picture hangers
  4. 6 in 1 screwdriver set
  5. 2 extension cords ( white and brown which would blend better on their wood floors or white walls)
  6. line level
  7. kitchen towels
  8. jar ( great for storing food or laundry detergent )

19 thoughts on “Housewarming Gift Idea

  1. Mrs C. Kjos says:

    I love the particular kitchen towels you have in the photo- where’d you find them? Can they be purchased someplace in the USA or online? Or did you have to go to France to get them?

    • BeWhatWeLove says:

      Hi Mrs C. Kjos, thank you for visiting my blog. I found these kitchen towels at TJ Maxx last year, they came in a 2 pack for only $3.99. Good luck finding them at your local TJ Maxx or HomeGoods.

  2. NewNeighbor says:

    We did jars for new neighbors but we also included: sample packs of ibuprofen, Tylenol, neosporin & band aids. Menu for the closest pizza delivery with a gift certificate and a listing of all of the names of the families (and ages of kids) on the street to help them get to know everyone.

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