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BeWhatLove CamilleWhy “Be What We Love”?  I believe that we become whatever we surround ourselves with, and we surround ourselves with whatever we love.  So we will Be What We Love!

I love design, food, fashion, paper-crafts, photography, and travel.  I am obsessed with table settings; if I had the room, I’d never stop buying plates.

I’ve lived in Brazil, NYC, Arizona, and currently call the fantastic Washington D.C. area my home.

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This site is a labor of love, and my unfiltered opinion; I don’t receive any payment or gifts from any of the companies I blog about.  If I ever do, I’ll let you know within each post.

Feel free to leave comments on the blog, or on our Facebook page.  The images I post are almost always my own, if they’re not, I’ll link you to the originals.  If you’d like to use some of my images, please limit it to two from each post, and link back to my blog.

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