Quick Brazilian Cheese Bread ( Pão de Queijo)

Quick Brazilian Cheese Bread | Recipe by Be What We Love blog

Pão de Queijo is a staple in every Brazilian household, specially when we serve coffee for friends and family visiting. Here in the U.S., it became famous by being served in all Brazilian steakhouses or if you know any Brazilian living here, they might had them in one of their fun parties.  And what a great recipe to make while you and your friend watch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games! Continue reading

Liège Waffles

Breakfast can be a hurried affair hastily thrown together, but when you can, taking just a little more time and attention sets the day on a great path.  These Liège Waffles take breakfast to that next level and make it a treat your breakfast table won’t forget. The pearl sugar really makes each bite pop with sweetness without being overpowering!

You’ll see in the second photo one of my new favorite kitchen gadgets for dusting with powdered sugar, the OXO Dusting Wand.  This was in my gift bag from the Food Blog Forum Orlando in February, though it’s almost been more of a curse than a gift, because I can’t stop myself from dusting everything with powdered sugar and other spices. It’s compact, inexpensive, and you can get a tighter more accurate dusting than the big powdered sugar shakers I’ve always had.

Liège Waffles


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