DIY: Cake Stand Dome

DIY Cake Stand Dome { Be What We Love blog }

I just got back from Arizona where I loved seeing all the beautiful cacti and succulents everywhere and especially the gorgeous and creative succulent terrariums my sister-in-law made in various containers. I was in a mission to drive to one of our favorite places, ReStore (a Habitat for Humanity home supply recycling store and donation site) to grab a light pendant to transform in a beautiful terrarium (I’ll write another post and tutorial about that next week). In the lighting area, I found a pile of these light fixture covers and I couldn’t resist grabbing a few to transform them in beautiful domes for my cake stand collection. Don’t these give the most wonderful vintage flair to cake stands?

You’ll need:
  • Light fixture covers – only $2 a piece at my local ReStore
  • Knobs from Anthropologie, World Market or Hardware store – cost between $3 to $6  each.
  • Fender Washer 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ – costs $0.12 at my local home improvement store.

Total cost : +/- $6 each dome

DIY Cake Stand Dome { Be What We Love blog }DIY Cake Stand Dome { Be What We Love blog }

DIY Cake Stand Dome { Be What We Love blog }

DIY Cake Stand Dome { Be What We Love blog }
IMG_1831 IMG_1835 IMG_1844DIY Cake Stand Dome { Be What We Love blog }





Reusing Wine Bottles

I’m always looking for great ideas to recycle things around the house.  In a world with the threat of global warming, every little thing we can do to eliminate waste makes a better world for us to live in.

Empty wine bottles always abound after a good party, and empty champagne bottles after a great party (at least in this champagne aficionado’s house).  If you want to save some from the recycle bin, here are some fun, easy and creative ideas to reuse them.  Cheers!


Check out the full DIY instructions for wine-bottle torches here, and the wine bottle wall vase here.

The bottle candleholder is called Bottelabra, I found some in my local HomeGoods, but you can also buy them here.


Reusing Paint Swatches

Painting is always one of the cheapest ways to give any room a facelift. $20 in paint can transform a house into a home.

We have tons of paint samples in drawers and design boxes, some that made it to the walls, some that never did. I’m amazed at the creative ways people have used them: gift tags, bookmarks, place cards, wallpaper, napkin rings and more.

I loved the concept of housewarming invitations on a paint swatch. You can easily print out these invitations at home. Make a template using Word (or any other graphic or text editing program), set the paper dimensions and print it on the swatch.